Make your customers feel special

By identifying your regular an valuable ones, you can take actions to protect and grow their relation with your brand. Interact with individuals!

It is no longer enough to get a customer through the door for an annual sale. Create lifetime customers who shop with you, whether you are having a sale or not.
The Retail CRM Cloud helps you to create a big community

Host exclusive events and let your customers be part of your brand. They are your ambassadors.

Treat your community appropriately
First look

Give your community first look at your stock and specials. Treat them appropriately.

Give special products to your community
Premium Products

Designed for your special customers. Real extra value instead of discounts.

start a conversation with your costumer thanks to our CRM
Two way communication

Ask your best customers for their opinion and build a two-way conversation.

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Our loyalty module builds on the proven Convercus Loyalty Platform which hosts loyalty programs for millions of shoppers