Remember your customers

Imagine your most valuable online customer walking into your store, and not beeing recognized. How can we possibly build a long lasting and valuable relationship with our customers if we don't remember them?

Shadow picture in Retail CRM
Recognize your client with our CRM
Recognize your client
It helps to identify and remember a customer and his or her preferences.
All in one place with our CRM
All in one place
Keep information about your customers, their visits and purchases (online and offline), products, offers and appointments in one place.
Keep the CRM simple
Keep it simple
Your sales rep wants to focus on selling, not on wondering about software
Serve your customer first with our CRM
Customer first
The app is a tool to serve your customer, it shall not disturb the sales process


Maintain up-to-date customer records and customer base information that enables AI models, efficient marketing campaigns and marketing automation.
Save all relevant information of your costumer with our CRM


Have a customer dashboard that cotains all relevant information at a glance. Let sales reps change customer data directly on their device and keep it in sync with other systems.

Get all information of your products with our CRM


Seamlessly keep record of all visits in your store. Search product and stock info using the barcode scanner or full text search, and track interests without interfering the sales process.

Save all the purchase in our CRM

Purchase tickets

Import all purchase tickets from your ERP or through our loyalty module directly from the POS printer. Give your salesrep a 360º customer view. Never ask your customers having to keep their receipts for returns anymore.

Sales rep support

Ease your sales rep's life! Center everything related to customers in one place.
Creat all kind of offers with our CRM


Create a personalized offer during a visit in the store. An indecisive customer can receive all information right in their email and later make an order with one click. Maybe create a reminder task to get in touch with the client before the offer expires?

Organise appointments for personal shopping with our CRM


Organise appointments for personal shopping with your clients. Send email invitations and sync with your with Outlook or Google Calendar.

Never forget something thanks to our CRM


Never forget a client request. The sales rep, the manager or even marketing automation campaigns can create tasks. Also use trigger to create tasks, like a reminder for an offer sent to the customer.

communication history

When talking to your customer, your sales rep needs visibility of all previous communication between your brand and the client.
Synchronize email accounts with our CRM


Synchronize email accounts of your sales reps with the CRM tool. Group all email exchange with a client in an efficient chat view. A simple way to get a quick overview of a communication.

Create notes of your costumers with our CRM

Notes / Customer Inquiries

Let your sales repos take notes elated to customers and sales. Don't loose an opportunity. Create inquieries to learn more about your customer.

Make calls from you sales rep app

Call History

Make calls to customers right from your sales rep app. Keep record of all calls and their content and follow ups.

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